iOS 11 in the Enterprise

After wading through the WWDC content from a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d give a quick update on what Apple are giving enterprise customers with their iOS 11 offering, due in September this year. It’s so exciting to see… wait for it…. WIFI IMPROVEMENTS ON KIOSK DEVICES. LOWER BANDWIDTH UPDATE IMPROVEMENTS FULL APPLE […]

How many miles per gallon does the average human get?

I wondered… If we measured the energy efficiency of humans the way we measured it for cars, how efficient would a human be?? The way we  casually measure how efficient a car  is in miles per gallon of petrol, lets see how many MPG humans get. So firstly we have to make some assumptions. Cars […]

My 15 Minutes with the Apple Watch

I was lucky enough to grab a 15 minute try on appointment at the Apple Store in Regent Street, and thought I’d share some thoughts about my brief experience with the watch. Firstly – it’s better in person than compared to what you’ve seen in photos and videos. The interface is snappy and intuitive and naturally controlled […]

Choob App for iPhone – A Side project

I came up with the idea for Choob whilst standing on the eastbound central line platform at Bank station. I’d been standing there for about 45 minutes and the station was at bursting point. I connected to the free wifi to check the TFL website only to see that the central line had a ‘Good […]

Dear Amazon, Please Kill TicketMaster.

‘A band you follow is touring in your area!’ Catches my attention from the corner in my eye as a push notification appears on my computer desktop. I’ve been waiting for this band to return to London for a while, and due to a new single release earlier in the year, my hopes of a […]

Let’s Stop Making Faster Horses

 The demand for consumer devices to access internal corporate systems is very strong. This is helping to evolve ‘work anywhere’ initiatives in companies, giving employees the freedoms that come with not being tethered to a desk. An observation that is shared among most IT departments is that despite being able to secure data and applications, creating […]

Mobile Networks & The Internet of Things

‘The Internet Of Things’ is one of the hottest topics in tech right now, and for good reason. The idea of objects and appliances being able to connect to the Internet has some really exciting applications.  We’ll be able to control our appliances when out of the house, keep secure and safe with smart alarms […]