My 15 Minutes with the Apple Watch

I was lucky enough to grab a 15 minute try on appointment at the Apple Store in Regent Street, and thought I’d share some thoughts about my brief experience with the watch.

Firstly – it’s better in person than compared to what you’ve seen in photos and videos. The interface is snappy and intuitive and naturally controlled via the touch screen and the digital crown.

The taptic feedback feels really cool – it’s like magic (those with a 2015 13″ MBP – yea, it’s just like the touchpad)

Apple are going to sell millions of these and its becomes obvious very quickly that this thing will replace the iPhone one day.

It’s really a personal device. Those in enterprise that are struggling to define BYOD/COPE strategies, this watch is going to give you nightmares when your users start to ask for it. Salesforce are releasing an app for release day.

I’m excited to start building apps for this thing!

Some answers to questions I’ve been asked;

Sport vs Steel vs Edition

There is definitely a jump in quality between the sport and steel versions of the watch. The polished metal looks great and really shows off the detailing on the digital crown. The Edition is a piece of fine jewellery, the gold is just… golden!

Screen & Size

Just like celebrities, they look smaller in person. The retina display is just great, the blacks are deep ‘ink like’ blacks and the graphics are crisp, bright and sharp. You can’t spot a pixel.


Flurastima (Rubber)

This band does not feel cheap and nasty (how I imagined it would) it feels durable and like a premium product.

Milanase Loop (Mayonaise Loop)

The photos don’t do this band justice, they are lovely. They are very light and feel like fabric made from metal, and feel very secure on the wrist for something that is held in place by a magnet.

Leather Magnet Loop

The only band I didn’t like. It feels lumpy. That is all.

Steel Link Bracelet.

This is the best band of all, It feels premium and has some weight to it. The clasp feels like it was made to standards I haven’t seen in a watch before.

IMG_0318.JPG IMG_0319.JPGIMG_0320.JPG IMG_0316.JPG-1IMG_0325.JPGIMG_0321.JPG

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