Dear Amazon, Please Kill TicketMaster.

‘A band you follow is touring in your area!’ Catches my attention from the corner in my eye as a push notification appears on my computer desktop.
I’ve been waiting for this band to return to London for a while, and due to a new single release earlier in the year, my hopes of a tour coming to fruition were getting pretty high over the last couple of months. You would think that idbe excited, but you’d be wrong.
A dark feeling rises from my stomach, I can taste the dread caused by what excrutiating experience this tour announcement ultimately means. I’m going to have to go to
Over the years I don’t think I’ve had one good experience with this godawful company. Pick a couple of the following points and you will have a typical TM experience
  • Website is down
  • Website is overloaded
  • Charge you a mortgage of a typical 3 bedroom house to get your tickets mailed to you
  • Charge you  a mortgage of a typical flat to get the ticket emailed to you
  • Make it impossible for you to regain access to an account with lost details
  • Make it impossible to create a fresh account because your grandmas neighbour’s dog has an account and contains a bit of information that is similar to yours
  • Send you your tickets 4 milliseconds before the event starts
  • Provide so many Turing tests that you’ll actually convince yourself that you’re a robot
I think you get the point.
If only there was a company that not only copes with selling third party goods by the million, can cope with obscene amounts of web hits and still be the provide the best shopping experience on the web.
Amazon please start selling tickets to music, sports, theatre events – and show the ticket master how it’s done.

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