Choob App for iPhone – A Side project

I came up with the idea for Choob whilst standing on the eastbound central line platform at Bank station. I’d been standing there for about 45 minutes and the station was at bursting point. I connected to the free wifi to check the TFL website only to see that the central line had a ‘Good Service.’

I immediately checked Twitter and found fellow commuters also stranded on platforms all complaining about the delays.

So I created Choob – an app that listens to social media to find delays on the London Underground.

The backend runs on a component that I’ve developed, named ‘The Winge Engine’ which listens to social media to find tweets about London Underground then try to understand those tweets to to figure out whether delays are occurring,

It’s currently free on the Apple App Store… check it out 🙂


Choob – App Store

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