iOS 11 in the Enterprise

After wading through the WWDC content from a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d give a quick update on what Apple are giving enterprise customers with their iOS 11 offering, due in September this year. It’s so exciting to see… wait for it…. WIFI IMPROVEMENTS ON KIOSK DEVICES. LOWER BANDWIDTH UPDATE IMPROVEMENTS FULL APPLE […]

My 15 Minutes with the Apple Watch

I was lucky enough to grab a 15 minute try on appointment at the Apple Store in Regent Street, and thought I’d share some thoughts about my brief experience with the watch. Firstly – it’s better in person than compared to what you’ve seen in photos and videos. The interface is snappy and intuitive and naturally controlled […]

Let’s Stop Making Faster Horses

 The demand for consumer devices to access internal corporate systems is very strong. This is helping to evolve ‘work anywhere’ initiatives in companies, giving employees the freedoms that come with not being tethered to a desk. An observation that is shared among most IT departments is that despite being able to secure data and applications, creating […]